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www.homematters,gr uses files suck as cookies accordingly to the greek law.
Cookies consist types of files which keep a record of information on each device whilst a user is visiting a website on internet. Cookies are not a threat for your device or the files you have saved on it. Without cookies your preferences about which websites you visit mostly would not be possible to be saved.
Cookies are used in order to collect data so the effectiveness of a website can be measured. As a result they help a website to be improved , upgraded, easier adjustable to users preferences and needs and moreover for the measurement of the effectiveness of a website in comparison to other websites. Cookies are not used to collect data so it is possible to identify every internet user neither are used to track the type files you keep on your device.
Cookies collect data such as the type of software you use, the browser or the company which provides you internet services. Internet information system collects data about the websites you visit by default.


In order to offer to a user the best of our services, like every website we use cookies. More specifically those are:

a) Necessary cookies
This type of cookies helps a user to navigate easier and have access to safe websites. A website without these cookies cannot function properly.

b) preference cookies
Used so a website can store information about a user relative to his preferences
so it will adjust and make his surfing on the website easier and more pleasant.

c) statistic cookies
Statistic cookies collect data based on your interaction with the website you visit
such as how often you vist a website,how much time you spend surfing etc thus
offering the operator of the website adjust and improve his services.


Browsers on their settings offer the choice to a user to activate or deactivate
incoming cookies or even to delete cookies at will. If cookies are deleted then it
can affect the functionality of a website. Moreover deactivated cookies do not mean
that these cookies are deleted from the current website. This is something that only the
operator of the website can do.

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