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Guarantee / Liability



Home Matters guarantees for the good quality and condition of every product that we sell. This does not apply if a product will be damaged because of bad or
improper use.


By visiting or buying using this website you declare that you have full legal capacity(over 18 years old) thus you can consent and act accordingly the terms of use. Home Matters takes no responsibility regarding the verification of the legal capacity of any visitor or buyer. Consequentially if an individual is not able of legal capacity ,a purchase is responsibility of his legal guardian and representative.


Home matters is not responsible for random loses or delays when these happen due to force majeure , emergency incidents or situations which are not under our authority and control, when they are impossible to be predicted an as a result to be handled according to the Greek laws.
Every information on this website is provided without any kind of guarantee written or verbal , especially about it’s thoroughness ,precision ,legitimacy, availability and reliability of our merchandise or the services provided on this website. Home Matters is not responsible for any damage will be caused to a merchandise you have bought because of bad or improper use.


The terms of use and purchase are accordingly to the greek law and regulation.
If for any reason a term or regulation on this text is completely or partially not in power because if the Greek government then it is considered not valid therefore cannot be applied as the others.
These laws and terms are critical and no one (enterprise or consumer) has the right to act against it and both parts are obliged to act legally.


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