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Welcome to the website of Home Matters retail enterprise which is located in Agrinio,Skiada 13 str, p.c. 30133, VAT :138598980 tax office in Agrinio. URL , and telephone numbers 2641301460 and 6942950856

This text determines the terms of use and as an extend is client’s consent for the
specific eshop and every servise provided. For those reasons we suggest that you read the terms of use before you purchase.
Our enterprise has the right and the obligation to update, delete, reduce and change partially or completely those terms accordingly to the Greek laws and regulation.
Every change or update it is mandatory and it will be published in the relative place of our website so that you will be able to acknowledge it. However this will no affect any purchase you have possibly made before those changes unless it is imposed by the Greek laws.
Before you use our website or purchase any product, Home Matters highly recommends that you read and completely understand so that you consent to our terms of use, otherwise Home matters takes no responsibility for any damage could be possibly caused to an individual using the current website. However if you disagree or you don’t consent to those terms ,you can call or message us for further information or clarification. Registration or purchasing on this website means that you have read and consent to our content.


The eshop of Home Matters provides you the way of online purchasing products about your home such as blinds, carpets, bed covers etc. Without taking any responsibility we inform you that we put every effort so the content of this website and especially product description and photos respond accurately to the real situation. Every false information can and will be redressed immediately.


The prices of our products are in Euro and no other price except those that are on this website do apply, taxes are included. Home matters has the right to change those prices at any time and this will be publicized on the current website. The changes will not affect at any case any purchase you have made before. However a message with the relative information will be send to a client who has made an order. The prices on the website are referred to the product itself including taxes and the shipping cost will be added as you place your order. As an extend that means that the you are obliged to pay full the product as it is delivered to you. The available number of each item will be known to you the moment you place your order. As some of these information come from our suppliers directly we would like to inform you for the slight chance of not being updated in time. Home Matters will inform you at any case for every mistake or malfunction relative to your purchase.



Every online purchase automatically means that you consent to the specific terms of use, GDPR and cookies policy with no wariness or any kind of special deal for any of those terms and regulation.
The buyer is responsible to correct every possible mistake on his order.
An online purchase is complete after you have clicked on the relative field that is available the moment you are making your purchase. After you have completed placing your order it is considered that you have read, understood and consent to the terms of buying, refund, number of products and all costs and estimated shipping time. Confirmation of your purchase means you are obliged to pay for it at the cost that was the time you made your purchase. Home Matters will send an email to you after you have placed your order. Home Matters has the right to cancel or postpone the deliverance of your purchase at any case of financial suspension or even at any case of fraud regarding the use of this website.
Every product and additional costs such as shipping is priced in Euro. In case of late payment this cost will bear the legal interest.

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